Axiom is a framework for better streaming Apple TV Apps. We have taken everything we have learned building best-in-class native experiences for the big screen and created a system of reusable components that will make your Apple TV app both affordable and powerful.

A framework for betterApps

When building some of the most advanced Apple TV solutions in the Nordics we realized something: Most Apple TV apps out there aren’t that great. They don’t follow platform conventions and suffer from restrictions imposed by other platforms.

To many content providers it is yet another platform they need to support. Solutions are thrown together in TVMLKit and create subpar experiences for users. If you’ve used more than a few apps on Apple TV, you know what we’re talking about.

This sucks.

The tvOS platform has the potential to be one of the most delightful streaming experiences on the big screen. So why aren’t content providers taking advantage of this? Because for many, it is a new platform and it is expensive to build for new things.

This is why we’ve built Axiom. It is a growing template system of reusable components that make it much quicker for us to create native delightful solutions featuring your content.

Here’s some apps we’ve built with Axiom.


One of the biggest advantages of using a system like Axiom to build your product is that we can stand on the shoulders of previous integrations and deliver native solutions in weeks rather than months. Here’s some time and price examples of our Axiom powered solutions.

Front Page(s)
Detail pages (Series, Episode & Movie)
Player & Playback
Standard analytics (Google, Firebase, Mixpanel or Fabric)
Search & Login
Development 2 weeks
Starting from 15k USD
Sign up (with free trial)
Token-based login
Add to list or Favorites
Resume playback
Development 5 weeks
Starting from 35k USD
MVP + Advanced
Live Channels with Playback
Subscriptions through IAP
Custom Analytics (Adobe, Gallup, etc)
Parental Controls
Custom Features
Development 7+ weeks
Starting from 50k USD

Add Ons

Design Package
App Icon
App Store Screenshots
Screen Design in Brand Style
Design 1 week
Starting from 7k USD
App Store Submission
Acceptance & Regression Testing
Production Build
Upload to App Store Connect
Development 1 day
Starting from 1.3k USD
Consulting & Advising
Branding Design
Hourly rate 1000 DKK ex moms
(or 160 USD)

Together and with the help of Axiom we can build much better products for the Apple TV

We are Northplay

We’re a small passionate team of award winning developers from Copenhagen.
We have 15 years of experience building digital products. with both big and small clients, local and international.
Our passion is entertainment design, games and experiences on the big screen.